Friday, April 25, 2014

had a brake threw today

watching some videos on unstable atom`s nuclear decay, shocking to me, to see the some animation that has played in my head for galaxy's and there galactic center.   I`m seeing everything different then everyone else.  I see fractals from the smallest interactions (neutrals, positive charge, and path of least resistance.) to atoms, solar systems, galaxies, and the cosmos.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

February, 06 2014 Ezekial`s Law of Physics - Unified Field - Completed

 Ezekial`s Law of Physics
Unified Field
(February, 06 2014)
 by. Ezekial Jay Steven Davis

       Ezekial`s Law of Physics is a understanding of physics that does not contradict what is, but explains how everything works to create what is. My goal starting this quest for unified field started when i was taking a refrigeration, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning class in 2008. I wanted to know the physics of how Heat transfer worked. I found the base of my understandings of physics in that class, learning refrigeration. I learned some known physics that go with the subject. I grow up watching TV programs like NOVA on PBS. Once I figured out how heat transfer takes place with the electromagnetism transferring the energy from air to refrigerant to air using a change in pressure to change states in the refrigerant. there of coarse is more to it like time intensity deferential and changing the amount of energy to get the transfer to take place, but at the core it is it`s electromagnetic field that is the force behind the act. teaching myself that fueled me to understand the working of the Universe. I started studying a little of Einstein`s understanding like the two trains theory and so on. When I started learning his math on energy it did not make since. and to this day I think Einstein knew E=MC2 was not right. but still shows how smart the man truly was.
I have meditated countless hours on understanding physics. I have a completed my goal.

The Four Phases
       Understanding - There is four phases, each having there own dimensions, interactions, and forces. Three of the phases have Movement that creates Heat strings or Positive Charge. and two phases that have time intensity and energy. understanding all of them with the math solutions will expand your views of everything. 

     (point) Phase Zero - A state of motionlessness, without charge, or neutral.
     ( line ) Phase One -  A state of motion, or point of view there of. Movement creates magnetism. Positive charge to the incoming prospective. Neutral to the leaving and parallel strings. Phase one strings travel in straight lines at there max speed, there speed of light, there is no resistance on the strings so they are without energy.
      (plain) Phase Two - A state of magnetic resistance. The resistance comes for cross traveling Phase One strings or dense enough to force an interaction, of resistance. with resistance the string now takes energy to travel, and no long travels at it`s speed of light. since the string cant be slowed, it is stretched withe the outer part traveling at its speed of light and the core traveling at the speed the resistance a lots. the positive charge orbits around the positively magnetic core. think of a invisible string tying them together. now think of stag A, the black hole, being the milky way`s electromagnetic core all the energy orbiting in the milky way having these invisible strings tie it to a neutral core. everything small is like everything of any size. ill explain black hole later, Understanding the path of a energy string took me a long time for the year and a half I thought the orbit would get smaller with the addition of pressure or resistance. but the math did not add up. Using math, I finely discovered the orbit size increases with magnetic resistance. the orbit path is like a slinky pulled apart. if you lay the slinky on a yard stick a think of the stick as the point where the string start and finsihes its orbit (point A to point A), you now have something to measure time. the speed and distance of the strand in an orbit or unit of time. instead of using charge  and resistence for math I use Heat intensity for speed, pressure for distance. note: there is a balance between (heat intensity, Pressure, Energy and Time Intensity) if you increase heat int. and press equally you will increase the energy but not the speed and distance of the orbits, or it`s time int.a equal drop to gain between heat and pressure will change time int. and not energy.  Phase two energy is under 100% of the resistance in this space.
       (cube ) Phase three - a state of multiple orbits per unit of time. this happens when the ratio of energy to resistance reacts it`s max. the string gets to far from its core it interact causing it to fall back, taking the path of least resistance  up the back side if the core, dropping its energy time intensity, heat and pressure, because with 3 orbits per unit of time instead o one the string stays closer to the core. The string now orbits an axis, and is under alternating resistance, math is done on axis. the number of orbits per cycle or unit of time is the same as the sides of it`s electromagnetic field. Math to solve between electromagnetic fields most be done by solving from absolute zero and phase zero.on both EMF solving between. For there to be mass (interaction) between EMF, Time intensity must be close. the sun`s temp variants causes us to interact with it`s full spectra of EMF`s as having mass 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 sided EMF or OpC. this means there planets orbiting and viewing our sun that we do not interact with as mass.
      (black holes) galaxies like strings have a cycle. resistance that our energy has on it is phase one to phase two


Saturday, November 23, 2013

I have a lot to add, i have to figure out best way to add it.

       The change from phase 2 to 3 is caused by adding pressure to the point the heat string can no long interact with its core. i did some rough math on the change using percents, from phase 2 to phase 3 (6 orbits per cycle, or 6side EMF) there is about a 79.5% drop in pressure on then string, oh coarse the
heat intensity drops with the pressure drop. but if heat intensity is restored the length the path from point A to point A is restored to what it was before the change, at the lower pressure.
       Adding Theoretical Phase 0, like Theoretical Absolute Zero. all strings with out movement have no positive charge, giving me the impression heat and positive changes go hand in hand. Also with my new understanding in explains why absolute zero is not possible yet by man kind. we as 6 sided EMF beings only have access to about 20.5% the pressure on mass we interact with. Masses under a  Boss Einstein Condensate is trying to drop a Phase. since we yet to have a good way to interact with other phases or even other phase 3 energy. one would have to hold a Boss Einstein condensate for a long time. 
       I`ve also adding a new diagram and understanding to my work, I call it a Pressure Cone. press gets higher at the center of the cone. the center is the point that the Electromagnetic Core on the heat strand travels on. Pressure effects the distance and speed of the EMcore, the heat strand will travel in the path of least resistance. giving it orbit and so on... i did my rough math on energy and pressure lose from phase 2 to phase 3 on the Ph2 having 100% pressure on it at all times after the change its orbits up threw the core being pushed out by the pressure cone to orbit back up threw the core. giving a much interaction with pressure at 6 orbits per cycle the heat string has about 20.5% pressure avg on it. pressure also alternates with the point of the orbit to pressure cone. 
       There is a possibility the heat strand views the pressure cone as having a positive charge to it.
       Use for a slinky. looking at a slinky pulled apart is the best way to explain and understand the path of phase 2 energy.  (-/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/+)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Big brake threw

1. Pressure effects the energy string`s orbit length, adding pressure increases.
2. The amount of energy effects the string has changes how large the string can orbit, before having to trade the the size of the orbit for multiple orbits of a smaller size.
3. Energy changes the number of sides to the Electromagnetic field, the more energy the larger the orbits can be. meaning that the number of orbits per cycle would drop, decreasing the side to the EMF.
4. Blackholes drop the energy to phase 1, not phase two because forcing the EMF to 1 orbit per cycle with less energy then is needed to orbit that large. it will straighten in to phase 1.
5. Strings orbit around there own electromagnetism
6. EMF = OPC
7. Math changed to ( Pressure X Heat intensity = Energy ) on one orbit. then multiply OPC
        ( Pressure / Heat intensity = time intensity )

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cooling the Earth, I had a Brake threw.

Yesterday I posted on removing gases from the atmosphere, ether by compressing them or changing there state, "the hard way." I found a far easier way. but in the hands of the wrong person could be dangers if to much pressure is removed we could make bad changes. The hard way, is safe, my math solutions can give the volume needed controlled to cool the atmosphere temp by whatever degree needed. lowering the temp slowly. "the easy way" it`s like dumping are junk in some else`s yard. going in blind is just dumb. oh course with the research need to pull it off, we could find a way to see the dump site before hand. Basically start with finding the level with the most unwanted gases in the atmosphere and create many large Electromagnetic Field to change the EMF of the gases it self from six Orbits per cycle to say, eight orbits per cycle. To me our (6 sided EMF) Planet Venus looks like the dumping yard of gases. to make planet Venus habitable in a different Electromagnetic Field. probable not, but maybe. If I was looking for intelligent life I would explore Alternating EMF using Time Intensity matching to interact with different EMF energy as mass. for humans are body's are bound to unchangeable Temps and pressures. a fast change in the equals death. I call my new process of moving gases threw changing it`s EMF. "Gas Farming" the act of moving gases from one EMF to another with prospects of habitability of a planet. I would not be shocked if we found intelligent life living on Mars and Venus, when we learn to view and travel threw Alternating EMF`s. Using my math and understanding I can give conditions needed to view any mass under any EMF in the spectra of  Alternating EMF the can be viewed as mass. but without knowing the conditions of what we are trying to view it`s like finding a needle in a hay stack. I have started doing math on finding humans under different EMF`s as a standard to start from.   

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

globule warming

back when I started this quest for unified field, I also started thinking of ways to reverse globule  warming. the first thought was a controlled cycling of deep sea currents to the surface, and I believe the US government is using ionic lefter at the poles to left and drop the ionosphere to control the weather, mainly hurricanes, and that's great because the moon is getting farther from earth and we will need it. well I was thinking on ways to view a human with a 8 sided Electromagnetic fields, doing the math.... It hit me like a brick. the more gases in our atmosphere the more Pressure, resulting in a rise in Temperature. so compressing atmospheric gases on a mass scale. would lower pressure and temperature. Your thinking, that`s a lot of hard work, they must be a shortcut? Turning the gases to a liquid would work. yes it would but not possible with a lot of gases, for us. goal lower atmospheric pressure. adding new gases will increase air mass, pressure, heat, energy, and time intensity, water too but water is the earth`s AC it helps heat escape in space. pulling the ionic lifters will also help heat escape it will add pressure and heat. heat slowly drops then releasing them lower the pressure, but it is not a practical way to cool the earth best way i can think of is compressing atmospheric gases on a mass scale. then using my mathematics to travel threw alternating  Electromagnetic fields.